Once there were two sons of Mullah Nasrudin one was  pessimistic and the other was optimistic. They were like the poles of a magnet , Very different from each other. 

Mullah Nasrudin was upset to see his one son always be positive and the other one negative .He thought,is it possible to balance them,  but he was not getting his answers…

Then one day his friend suggested that for the pessimistic one,  make a beautiful room full of balloons,  fill it with roses, brighten it up with candle lights, lamps that have essential oils  and spray nice perfumes in it .

absolutely amazing! 

Play good music,keep delectable food to eat. 

He said – ‘ okay! I shall do this ‘ 

For the optimistic one ‘fill his room with dirt and filth ‘ all the horses that you have in your stables, dump all their dung over there. 

 So what will an optimistic person do about it?? Bring some balance……

He sent one of his sons, who is a pessimist, to a room filled with beautiful balloons, perfumes in a room lit  with lamps. He sent him there……

 Within mere ten minutes, a shrieking sound  started coming from inside… 

 Mullah said “What happened… …?????”

 His son said ”  Is he a father or a villain? ” In orden to kill me, he has lit so many lamps here so that all the oxygen deplete and,  carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide,  which will be produced from it…..

 I will die from such poisonous gas and he has lit lamps so that I get burned by fire and he has also filled balloons with hydrogen gas. 

He had made it a gas chamber .

What kind of a father is he??  

 he is my enemy, he started crying by hanging his chest. 

The father thinks ” look at this,  i tried doing good and in return this is happening and the one in whose room… …. horse dung has filled

What will happen to him??  

He immediately went to the other room …

 What does he see??  

His son is laughing and is playing with the horse dung, like one plays to celebrate holi. He picks up the dung and throws it on the roof,picks it up and throws it.

Father said  “what are you doing “

He says   “There is so much horse dung here amidst this heap of horse -faeces , the horse too shall certainly be present somewhere. I am searching for that horse,  as my father can’t dump only the horse dung here in this very dung,  a horse too is surely hidden.

So i am searching for that horse by removing this horse dung…” 

Next part of this story you will see in the next writing of ” An Engaging Tale of Mind ‘s Extremities “. Thanks for reading.

Author – Luv Sarpal