Each moment of my life

I live in grace, in love

That you bestow upon me

No moment of my life slip by

Without remembering you 

You are the charm of my heart

Your love runs deep into my blood

My marrow knows your love

I rise to your beautiful words

In awe, I dance

Dancing to the tune of soulful love

To sink into the sweetest memory 

Of beloved

Showering love on my being

Forever and forever

An Eternal embrace, that engulfs me

Spreading my wings

Diving into the vastness

To feel the galore of sweetheart 

I find myself mesmerized

By the bountiful of bliss

That reverberate love in all its hues

Bliss of your love 

Melts my heart, living me in trance

I Merge in your magical being 

As fragrance of flowers in air

Fragrance of your love 

Kisses my soul

Forever rejoicing in divinity

Drinking the nectar 

Glowing me from within 

Beautiful I become

In love with beloved

Moment to hold on

Breath enjoying the rhythm

So Beautifully orchestrated by lord beloved

Living to live in your lap of love

Wrapping me in your golden arms

Of eternal embrace 

Keep me there for lifetimes to come

Embossed I am, for barely 

I knew anything

Beyond you, I have no world

For I forsake all

For, You are the Universe of my life

Where I lie for eternity.

I love you Divine beloved.☀️❤️


Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om 


P.S. Let’s celebrate the divine wedding of lord Shiva and Maa Parvati with beautiful expression of love in poems, writings or anything that you like in your ways. ☺️ The most beautiful moment of Bhagwan is just around the corner. Yeah!! Let’s please our beloved Bhagwan and shower all the love we have in our 💓