On the cusp of last few years of my schooling (11th std), additional stress of preparing for engineering exams had started taking it’s toll. I began getting into constant brawls with elder brother and mom became increasingly wary. She consulted some of her colleagues (fellow teachers) who suggested introducing us to Reiki Healing.

We started attending Reiki sessions during the summer break and it gave us first glimpse into the idea of cosmic shakti. Although we learnt it for stress relief but  destiny had different plans. (In hindsight,  it just feels how divinity plans ahead and protects)

A few days after I had celebrated my birthday, we received a call from my dad’s office. I had returned home early after my exam and heard my mom pick up the phone, then saw a concerned look on her face. My dad was working out of station, he had had a stroke in office and was being taken to a local hospital. The paralytic attack had impacted his speech and right side of his body.

After much help and support, he was shifted to Delhi, the same day.

Me and my brother had already started doing the Reiki healing for him all this while. But he was not recovering as expected. It was fourth day in hospital with no sign of relief from paralysis although all medicines had been procured timely.

I took a ‘sankalp’ that day that I will sit for the healing session in my room and will only get up when he is totally healed. I did the usual invocation and started the process. The ‘Om’ chanting got more and more intense as I could feel the healing shakti gushing in full flow all over my body like a waterfall. I could now ‘see’ my dad in the hospital receiving this intense white healing light. This continued for many hours and then with sudden thud the flow stopped. I waited for a call from my mom who was attending to dad in the hospital as the doctors were visiting and planning on the next course of treatment. And she called back with the most joyful tone that dad had been able to speak finally and he even asked for a cup of tea..

It took only one more week for him to get up and start walking on his own..he started recalling our names and other important things. Took him a few more months to fully recover get back to his work.

The first experience of reiki healing and the flow of intense shakti opened up an entirely new dimension of this universe.