Just as the stars dim

at dawn

I wilt and wane

in vain

when you are gone.

All’s well, there’s no lack

and yet, somedays, it so feels

the lustre has left

rolled amongst your things.

Life slows down

and slow is welcome too

it’s the haze that settles in

…refusing to leave.

Mornings fly by

afternoons too

nights are quiet

just as they should be.

Some days, when you sleep

eyes resting gently

on your soft cheeks

the heart knows peace…

Is there anything I need

the answer is no

the little fixes, one craves

you outgrow them too.

And why not

I’m happy

I’m in love

the rest is semantics

an ocean in a drawer…

note: Just as in life, sometimes, there isn’t much to say, I too have exhausted everything I could possibly say in these verses. For the truth is all that we hold dear is gathered in little drawers stacked in our heads, some unopened, some thrown open and then there are those long forgotten. A world, an ocean… oceans, lie in the depths of our consciousness, unaware we live, long lives, for what, for who, and why?

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