The first day I saw the sea ,I heard the terrible roar of the call to come to him( /her) to touch him(/her) to sink deeper.The black visible in the distance, when gradually approached becomes deep blue, to slowly becoming lighter – though the water seemed colorful, when seen from a distance ; when touched appears colorless. Was that Black? Blue?or nothing? What’s the Truth?

There is no way to deny the invitation to dive deeper, where a terrifying beauty creates a layer of fear, creates a barrier – it can’t be crossed without the thirst and desperation for Love.

Crossing so many roads, just to find the depth of Love – each endless road leading to a new beginning – Truth is simple, but the  journey is not easy.

When I keep my eyes on the face of true Love, it’s like the infinite Ocean – Black, Blue, or nothing – In the depth of Beloved eyes, like an entrance from darkness to light, from existence to non existence, from shrishty to sanhar, from samsara to bairagya – there is an extraordinary attraction, intense call of that game of loosing everything just trying to find myself.

A silent call – yes, Love is always silent, where words become feelings, and feelings become that thoughtless state.

Sinking in the depth of the Ocean, and in the eyes of my Beloved-

My Love, My Truth.

~ 🌿MallikaOM 🌿

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