The mind not quite knows
how all sight turns beautiful
watching the most mundane things
how time slows down
to accommodate our many whims

Oh this will sound strange
as if a new person has come about
from the one who woke up
to a tiring day
a fresh mind looking at itself

An element of grace
is the first thing it notices
a heart so satisfied
it neither looks to the future
nor the past

The only centrepiece
an exquisite design
of the most ordinary moments
a life well lived
in a corner house on the present street

It so feels as if life is alive
brimming like a glass of wine
gently shaken in a goblet
raised to toast
ah how lovely it tastes

Thank you God
for life’s many serenities
that have dropped by so late
following quietly at their heals
a silent elusive wisdom

In bowing to You
is the world’s greatest joy
In your smiling presence
is bliss like no other
You are an ocean…the only true one perhaps

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