After reading the wonderful article by Sushree Divya Om titled : What are you doing for Christmas?. I thought of writing and singing an ode to eulogize Jesus Christ as an embodiment of compassion and love. I have normally imagined the Supreme always in the form of Krishna but due to divine grace, as I grew up, I realized the essence of our true nature of oneness of all the names and forms. Yet, after singing the song, I realized it is much easier to write and sing bhajan for a form you have intense devotion towards.

ย I sang the song with whatever devotion I could muster and Iย am asking Divine to grace me and forgive my mistakes in the bhajan as he had always forgiven all his devotees if their hearts have right intention.


English Translation of Hindi Lyrics:

O ‘ Christ, You are an ocean of love and compassion,

You are dearer to us than our own life,

You alone are the Lord, an embodiment of compassion.

Come and abide in my heart,

Come O ‘ Lord, You alone can purify the heart,

Come and make this heart the church,

Where you reside with all your glory.

O ‘ Christ, You are an ocean of love and compassion….

Let me be happy in the happiness of others,

Let my faith not falter with the little pinpricks of life,

All our sins you took upon yourself,

To show us the path to reach the kingdom of God.

Let us walk that path alone and let us make ourselves,

Worthy of your kingdom.

O ‘ Christ, You are an ocean of love and compassion….

Let us forgive everyone who hurts us,

Knowing the truth that all are the waves,

Coming forth from the ocean that you are,

Let me remember at all times,

That we all are children of the same Lord.

O’ compassionate Lord, I see your grace and love upon me always flowing,

Let me share love with others around me,

Let everyone be soaked and drenched in an ocean of love and compassion.

An ocean of compassion that You are.

Hindi Lyrics:

Yeshu daya ke saagar hamare,

Praanon se pyaare, karuna avtaare,

Nij ke hrdaya mein aa ke samaayen,

paavan man mandir ko banaayein;

Yeshu daya ke saagar hamare,

Sab ki khushi mein dekhein khushi hum,

Dukh jo milen to naa ghabraayen,

Path pe chalna tumne sikhaaya ,

Chalte rahein Knud ko saksham banaayein;

Yeshu daya ke saagar hamare,

Sab ki kamee ko, karein maaf ab hum,

Jaane tarangein yeh tujh se hi aayen,

Jo pem nischal yeh tujhse mila,

Saaten woh saw mein, Premier Ganga bhaayein;

Yeshu daya ke saagar hamare…

Hallowed be Thy Name ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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