You are rare gem

In this beautiful world

Humbleness of your soul

Beyond expression

Loving and caring

No matter what

Listening to my blabber

When find none to share

I confide in you when in pain

Advice without bias

Gently speaks your heart

When I am wrong and right

Always a helping hand

And support I find in you

Trust you have on me

Is something that makes me keep walking

My path with determination

Silently being there for me

Without fail

Beauty of your heart

Big as ocean

Warm and kind

Thinking about wellbeing of all

Human or animal

Close or stranger

You never fail to have sympathy

For love is deep rooted in your soul

Compassion in veins

Happiness in smile

Beauty in your heart

Always pampering

And taking care of me

Like a baby

The bond we share

I admire the most

So much to express about you

Simply you’re beautiful 

Stay as you are

You are rare gem

Such blessed I am

To have a sister like you

Thank you mah lovely sister for being with me always. Miss you.

Loads of love💖💕🌼✨🌸🌷💖💕


Poem is dedicated to my lovely sister who is always being a great support to me and always standing thick and thin with me. I am blessed to have her in my life and wish and pray Universe to shower choicest blessings on her forever.😊🌹💖😇


Jai Sri Hari🙏



~Neelam Om