When everyone protects themselves in their homes,
Seeking solace on couches of comforting foam,
They stand tall, strong and dare to be brave,
To protect others they are willing to dig their grave,
Many even sacrificed themselves during their duty to save.

What they are fighting with is not even visible,
Yet their innate will is, and will remain invincible,
How did they stay away from their loved ones?
How are they still working in the scorching sun?
For now, all we can do is owe them gratitude and love of a million tons.

What ignites their hearts is something I wish to know,
For reading their stories has humbled me to grow,
Seeds of courage and sacrifice have been sowed,
And deep respect towards them asks me to bow,
For they show me in times of crisis life is to be lived how.

For during this time of crisis and gloom,
They are still working with a hope to bloom,
They are the carriers of joy and hope during this doom,
They aren’t frontline workers but now warriors for joy,
A single one of them is now equivalent to a whole convoy!

My sincere ode and gratitude to all Frontline Warriors who served, protected and spread awareness during this pandemic. Thank you so much, that’s all I can say, there is not much which we can do to repay your contributions towards this world in times of crisis. 

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