As a token of humble gratitude for The Mother, I have written this short piece of poetry in Hindi only through Her grace. Whatever I write though, could never match her divine opulence and grandiosity but I dare to do this audacity only as a means to describe what She is to me. I again seek Her forgiveness for this audacity for She is full of compassion and ecstasy.

Here is the poem-

चंद्र बिंब, कोटिक नयन, ह्रदय अथाह विशाल |

वरद हस्त जो सिर रखे, महिमा उसकी अपार|

रस, लावण्य, रूप, माधुर्य, करके अंगीकार|

मुक्त रहु दुखों से, बनू मैं तेरा विस्तार ||

ममता से सींचा जो तूने, मन के धरा को मेरे |

वर्णन कहां कर सकू, कृषि विज्ञान को मैं तेरे ||

रौद्र तू, सौम्य तु, जीवन है तू पूरा |

ऐश्वर्य भरके वैराग्य देती, कौन है ऐसा दाता ||

रूप मनोहर, कांति उज्ज्वल, मेरे चित्त को जिसने है साधा |

नमन करु उस शक्ति को, मां बनके जिसने, मुझे है पाला।।

The translation is here as follows:

The one who has the glance of thousand moonbeams,

whose heart is tremendously large,

whose hands are always placed upon my head in the mode of benediction,

whose Glories are boundless.

Inculcating the pleasure, beauty, form, and sweetness that You behold, may I be free of suffering to become an extension of Yours.

You have nurtured the barren land of my mind by Your mothering.

How could I possibly explain the wonder of Your excellent science of agriculture?

You are fierce as well as calm, You are life personified.

Who can be such a donor who bestows renunciation along with all the material pleasures that one can ever think of?

One whose form is enchanting and complexion bright,  who has trapped my consciousness, I bow down to that energy who has made my life full of joy and success by bringing me up as Her son and being my Mother.

“Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vicche”

Shri Matre Namah

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