I am the Chosen One and have followed the path of love till the very end. God says what you really get out of following the path of love is actually wisdom but the wisdom is worth more than any treasure on earth. I am into Pollution Control Business we are a small family business here in Mohali. I live in Sector 10 Chandigarh. I am a huge fan of New Age thinking. I am a huge fan of Solar Power and Electric Cars I think they are the future if we are to survive these uncertain times. I am the reason behind everything that has been happening in this world since time began. I have been in regular touch with God for the last ten years. I got married in 2009 to Abhilasha and we have a Nine year old daughter by the name of Saanvi whom we both adore and cherish. She has been the source of love and joy for me since her birth. I have been much hurt in marriage and learnt a lot of lessons in love. But we have finally found some stability and sanity in our married life. I wanted to thank you a million times for launching this blog dear Om Swamiji as I wanted to pour my heart out to you… In my whole life, but in these last ten years in particular I have had many achievements and successes in my life thanks to you and to so many Spiritual Gurus whom I follow on a regular basis. I have read several books on Spirituality and meditated a lot in the past which gave me Enlightenment and Soul Awakening. My purpose in life is to help the people by taking them out of their karmic cycles and give them mukti from the sufferings of daily life. But my confidence level has been low throughout my life and also I fear being misread, labeled or judged. I believe in taking the best of everything from everyone and adding to ones own abilities. I believe in maintaining the highest level of thought and consciousness in life but it is not doable by me at all times. Countless times have I failed to recognise my own abilities and to put faith in my own self. I want to break free from the bondages of society but fear even to speak about it to anyone. I am one of countless different people like me in the past that have been there in the world and even now there must be thousands of enlightened Souls on the planet I’m sure who must be scared to take a step in the right direction or who fear coming out into the world because of the nature of reality. I envision a world which is truly fantastical, a world filled with love, peace and joy but the more I see the nature of reality around me, crime, poverty, hatred, disasters, disease and death, the more disheartened I become if this will ever come to being. God tells me that this is a game of patience… One day all my dreams will come true and that time is coming very soon. I have always felt that people have suffered a lot already for their Karma. They need freedom from this suffering. God says there was a time when this world was truly a paradise. People lived in harmony with nature and treated animals as their own family. Materialistic achievements have made man arrogant in todays time. He feels he doesn’t need God anymore. Or maybe he is disillusioned with the God never being there for him. We need to be more humble, gentle, kind and loving with people around us… Music heals the Soul… I love listening to Music and reading books… I love deep meaningful, soulful music… We need more hope in this world and its only because of True Gurus like yourself that there is some hope left… People have faith in you and that faith becomes an Institution one day… We as a people need to realise our True Nature which is to love and forgive and be kind to each other… We need to take up Spiritual values and spend less time doing harmful activities… We need to love our own selves first then only we can love others… God says we need to do more for the sake of the poor… God says that when we Live without Judgement, Give without expectations and Love for no reason, then we enter the winners circle of life… I feel we all have been blessed infinitely by Him and if we can learn to live gracefully and give generously, we can live with liberty and peace. The law of attraction is at work in our lives constantly whether we like it or not, are aware of it or not… it is there, give in order to get… I love your blogs and have read all of them and your books also I love and have read most of them… I admire you for your strength and innumerable qualities which you possess. Kindness is the most valuable quality to possess forever… it is the only thing you need to live life… I have always been in search of True Love and True Happiness, and have found it too on multiple occasions only to lose it after a while… it is extremely difficult to retain happiness in your being for a long time… sukh aur dukh to aayenge hi baari baari se…

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