Hello my dear friends. First of all I want to thank God, Om swami ji and this platform os.me for gearing me up to write something by organising TheWriteChoice five days challenge. So what I should write up for today? I was just thinking to write about some of the realisations I got on my spiritual journey. So I am going to write about the human trait Compassion, which is either absent or is very limited in almost every human heart. When a person becomes spiritual and does the practices of self love and other forms of inner work, then that person’s heart automatically fills up with love and compassion for other people on this earth. I was also feeling compassionate towards others. But through an incident of my life I realised that there is a need for me to become more and more compassionate to do something for mother earth and its living beings.

One day, on my way back from college I saw a seven or eight year old boy selling pens on a cross road. I wanted to buy pens from him but couldn’t as there was not any possibility to stop the car due to heavy traffic. Next day again I saw him, he requested with his eyes and waved the pens in his one hand raised. I tried to stop my car at some distance, bought five pens for fifty rupees and advised him to not to stand at the cross road but stand some way ahead. Only then someone can stop to buy pens from him. He smiled and said ok to me. So now whenever I reached that spot, he raised his hands with a full smile on his face. I started buying pens from him frequently. One day I asked him ” Naam kya hai tumhara? ” He said smilingly ” Ji Fateh Singh”. That was a big name for that little boy. On enquiring, he told me that he goes to school 9am to 2pm and then sells pens here till 6pm in the evening and  they are four brothers and sisters. I felt both compassion and a kind of belongingness to this little boy. I specially took that route to go home, watching him there and exchanging smile with him or some days buying his pens.

Then one day I was in a mall. I was opening my purse to pay my bill when I saw a five hundred rupee note lying on the floor where I was standing. I picked it up thinking that it fell down from my purse though I had a doubt whether it was mine or not. After paying off my bills. I drove my car back home but on half way back my mind instructed me to go back and give that note to the girl at the counter so that she will give back if anyone come asking or I thought may be she will keep it. That will be ok. When I reached, the girl was not at the counter. I waited impatiently and came back and decided that I will give this money in some temple. But that also couldn’t be done somehow. Then I decided that I will give this money to Fateh. Next day when I met him I said him giving that 500 rupee note “You are a very good and hard working boy so please keep this money, I’m giving you as a prize. I told him that I had also found that money lying somewhere. He was happy receiving it. But after that day, my frequency of buying pens from him got diminished, actually hardly once or twice I bought in three four months, as if five hundred is the enough money for his life. He no longer stands at the same spot or may be has taken a break and will appear some day again. It would have been much better if I had not given him those five hundred rupees because then I would have been buying those pens more often to help him and to watch that precious smile on his face!

So I have decided now that I will not shrink my heart to keep limited compassion inside it but to open my heart for a continuous flow of love and compassion😊