On the occasion of Independence Day and Annada Ekadashi, I am here to speak with you. Many of you know me, many of you don’t. Those who don’t, I will be happy if I am a stranger to you because the maximum impact that a no one can have in your life is tremendous. A random act of kindness done by a no one can restore faith in humanity for many people. Isn’t that with you too! You have always tried to be someone whom people look up to, who can help others when in need, whom people know and love with their utmost sincerity. You are still finding means to achieve it, maybe through money, fame, power, politics, charity, etc but the one thing that is common in you is that you want to be whole again, a self-sustaining life that doesn’t require anyone and anything for its existence. Whether you agree or not, we are all on this same journey maybe our paths are different but the destination is the same.

This journey you are on is full of adventures.  How you ask! Going through daily tasks with all the anger, hatred, anguish, and taunts need courage and might to be consumed on a daily basis. I am super astonished that you can go on it with doing all the chores. For you, who have transcended to a different mode of conduct, I am super happy that at last, you have realized that you can’t consume this poison anymore. For all of this, you deserve a pat on your back.

I am not here to preach about something nor I am going to share a moral story with you because I don’t see any need to do that. Because deep down,   I know that you are trying to be a better version of yourselves irrespective of the path you choose. But the problem arises when you misinterpret this better version of you with being someone else. The Divine has molded you in a way that is unique in the creation. Isn’t this wonderful! If you try to be someone else, you are indirectly questioning the Divine’s efficiency in creating you. No matter where you are now, what you are or are not doing, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is, Are you seeing yourself as a unique creation of the divine or not? Are you seeing yourself as a tool that the Divine can use to achieve their means or not?

The moment this realization seeps into you, trust me, you won’t be needing any sermons or preachings or the knowledge of any scriptures because everything that you need to know will be revealed to you. Whether you see this possibility or not but I see it in you. The possibility of being divine, to make the world a better place to live. You have an important part to play in this divine play, you just have to prep up, that’s all. Whether you believe in yourself or not, I believe in you. And the only request that a no one can make to you is only this- Please treat yourself with love and care. You are a wonderful piece of creation. Please help yourself to reach your ultimate possibility.

With warm regards,

A no one 🙂


P.S- Thank you for your generous time. I write posts on every Ekadashi. See you soon. Take care.

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