It was the time when my parents were looking for an arranged match for me. One day, on my way to office, my phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number.

Upon picking up, I heard a female voice. She confirmed my name with me, and then continued in a sweet voice…

Please don’t mind this call. You don’t know me…

There are talks of a possible match between you and my younger son, going on.

Your father said that he’d shared my son’s profile with you a few days back. Is it ok if I talk to you for sometime?”

On getting my affirmation, she continued in her gentle voice…

“I am very excited and really wanted to talk to you but my husband was not in the favour of that. He said it will put you in an awkward situation.

Oh, he doesn’t understand!

He has gone to the bank, so I am calling you behind his back. I don’t have much time before he comes back.

I know what you must be going through. I, too, was in your situation once.

You don’t know the boy… how can you get to know someone in just a few talks?… You must have so many questions! 

You can ask me anything about him. I won’t hide things just because I am his mother… 

Please don’t hesitate. I wish someone had talked to me when I was getting married.”

And then she continued telling me the good points and the shortcomings about her son, until she had to rush because her husband had come back.

Recovering from the initial shock, I had enjoyed our talk immensely and then I smiled all the way to the office.

A few months later, I had a chance to meet her when they came over to meet us, along with their elder son and daughter-in-law. Some people have a way of putting you at an immediate ease, like some long-lost friend. She had that wonderful quality .

She seemed to be made of a rare mix of sunshine, fragrance of Jasmine, innocence of a child, and love of a mother .

The care, affection and camaraderie between her and her daughter-in-law was the stuff of the legends.

For a few reasons that match didn’t work out.

When my sister asked me why I didn’t say ‘yes’; I laughed and said that if it were the Mom I was getting married to, I would say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat.

Years later, sometimes when that random thought crosses my mind, it puts a smile on my face. An unexpected call which was filled with innocence, empathy and kindness from a ‘could-have-been future mother-in-law’.