An Unforgettable Year And The Way Ahead

Learnings From 2021.


2021 is almost over. A new year is waiting for us to greet. As this year is closing, it’s time we look back a bit: over our life in this year, over our mistakes and learnings, so that we prepare ourselves for the upcoming years. 

Life is unpredictable and utterly uncertain. We have learnt this in this year. And I think this is the greatest lesson from this year which we should carry with us always. So that we always remember what actually matters in life and what doesn’t. The Pandemic taught us that life is precious, that we can lose anybody anytime. So, we should try to live with each other with as much love and laughter as possible. Where’s the damn time to fight and hold grudges? Life is just a flick of time! It is now, it won’t be after some time. So, why not live with love, gratitude and laughter while we’re alive? 

The second thing that I think that we should rethink is the crucial difference between life and lifestyle. This pandemic disrupted the world economy. Millions suffered job loss, unprecedented financial difficulties and floods of anxieties. We were concerned about our children’s future, as schools were shut. We were thinking when we’d be able to go out again. We constantly lived in fear of our neighbours. Nobody wanted to see anybody. We were on our own. Social claustrophobia gripped us. But there have been instances where we were complaining because our lifestyles were disrupted. With zero social engagement and confined to our rooms, we were complaining about lockdowns, about not being able to go out and have fun. Many showed the hot air and roamed freely without masks and social distancing in public gatherings. All this shows our eagerness for maintaining our lifestyles, at the expense of others’ lives. Lifestyle is more important to us than life itself! Many were depressed because their lifestyles went crazy! This is foolishness. Lifestyle is not the real thing. Life is! 

Pandemic also taught us that small things hold much significance, like personal health hygiene, staying physically active, having a robust immune system and things like keeping everything and ourselves clean. All these became the most important factors. Life depended on these! Wearing a mask, maintaining hand hygiene, keeping immunity-boosting ingredients in our diet and yoga, breathing exercises, meditation—time proved their significance. We should inculcate and make all these a part and parcel of our lives. This is the third great lesson we should never forget. 

Okay, the first part ends here. Stay tuned for the next part. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas! 

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