An unplanned trip 2

Somewhere I have heard that unplanned trips are the most enjoyable n explorative trips. On the weekend there was a phone call and within minutes we were ready to visit Bhuvaneswari Temple. It is a few hour’s trip from our city. Our van was small and people kept on adding so we added a small plastic stool and adjusted. Due to the rough and slippery road messed up by Monsoon, the speed of the van slowed and slowed, and finally, it was unable to move forward. So we decided to walk. It was a short hike of few kilometers.

As we stepped out of the vehicle, the view and the way to the Temple were breathtaking. The fog-covered mountains, beautiful terrace farms, green fields, noise of water splashing, farmers, light rain showers, seemed like heaven on earth. The road seemed to be rough, open and sloppy,
a little uncomfortable, green and wild. But it seemed we enjoyed going wild as we were fed of plasticity and the hectic life of cities. We kept our masks back in our bags as we wanted to breathe fully in this refreshing weather.

It felt like mother divine called us. Yeah, she invited us to her place as she loves living amidst mountains. I am not a great ascetic but my relationship with mother divine is very informal. I keep on complaining to her Why this? Why me?. But today was a different day, I was totally immersed in her beauty and enjoying those moments, there was no rush to reach the destination. It seemed that the clouds followed us on our way seeing new people in their area and started showering gently as we entered inside the temple. It was like a great welcome.
Those moments slipped away, It was evening and time to be back home. On the way back home I was carrying very beautiful and memorable lifelong moments inside my heart.

This little village seemed to be on its way to development as it is close to the city. Maybe its wilderness and ecstatic beauty are not lost by aggressive urbanization, numerous hotels, plastic bags, beer bottles, and noise pollution.