I was thinking about this movie a while back. Although, i haven’t watched it since a long time but i am planning to watch it after #TheWriteChoice  challenge gets completed. 

‘Anand’ movie is very close to my heart. The amount of lessons that this movie gives about life and death, i don’t think any movie can give. It came way back in 1971, so not many young people have watched it. I am not one of those young people as i have watched it innumerable times. Fun fact is that Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ is adapted from Anand.

The dialogues of Anand are legendary. Some of the famous dialogues of the film are:-

  • Babu Moshai, Zindagi Badi honi chahiye, Lambi nahi.
  • Jab tak zinda hoon, tab tak mara nahi. Jab mar gaya, sala main hi nahi. To fir dar kis baat ka?
  • Babu Moshai, Zindagi aur Maut Uperwaale ke haath hain Jahapanah. Usse na to aap badal sakte hain, na main. Hum sab toh rang-manch ki katputliyan hain, jinki dor Uperwaale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai. Kon, Kab, Kaise uthega, ye koi nahi bata sakta.

Even the songs of the movie are iconic and some of them are Kahin door jab, Maine tere liye sung by Mukesh Ji and Zindagi kaisi hai paheli sung by Manna Dey Ji.

So, i strongly suggest you to watch it on you tube after this challenge gets over.


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