A beautiful day starts. But will this day be as beautiful as it appears to be? Can I control much in life? Do I expect a lot from life? Expectations can kill the joy of life. Fenny will be visiting me today. Girish told me that she would ask for some help. He has given me a hint about this. In the end of March, she faced lots of problems. Jasraj uncle was also insisting to help her out. Kindness is measured in terms of money sometimes. Let me think wisely. Many other issues are pending. Oh God, give me some wisdom. Pressures from everyone are haunting. Quack…quack… like ducks…. so many thoughts are making noise. Rethink and reconsider, each and everything. So much thinking also is not good. Time is running fast. Utopia… am I searching for perfect things that happen always? Vulnerability to every pressure can make us weak. We should empathize with each other but should try to be independent. X FACTOR will help me always. YES, I have to determine and redetermine my priorities. . Zillions of Divine blessings are with me forever.

PS This is third-day assignment of the group writing activity. we have to write a story with each line in the order of A TOZ.