The Indian society has age old tradition of Bicholias or pandits playing the match maker between the would be bride and the groom .With railway station walls full of captions as..Dulhan wahi jo Pathakji dilaayei .,or and Jeevan sathi dot com and Sycorian marriage bureau or Singh Laanva fere sights for searching perffect matrimonial candidates having similar religious beliefs, educational background, family structure aswelll expected pay package most marriages if not told by mami ,chachi ,taee ,mausi or bhabees r solemnised through these sights ! But i too got 3 chances to play the cupid! The first one was my 6ft tall aerobics instructor who was the fourth daughter of her house and had grayed her hair at 30 and was not finding as tall and fitness freak a match, i made her meet my father s ex boss s England based 6ft 3 inch stylish son and soon they were husband and wife! The second couple were my family freind Aunty s nephew whom i paired with my daughter’s freind s cousin and it clicked and i was gifted diamond earing by the boys side! They have a lovely daughter now! The latest were 2 co devotees, both so serious and as innocent, both asked Swamiji Sanyaas but Swamiji s meeraOm forced them to meet and talk and now they r in a wed lock using black lotus together, attending Swaminars together aswelll walking the Dragon too! Now i want to get lucky for the fourth time ,help me friends this time its a very Sweet and fun loving 30 year old looking for a cute working professional who ll love his mother the most!