Gazing through the windows of pain

I find damnation true

Futile feels life

In melancholy’s blue

The cosmos seems to imbibe a censorship

O my my … but for what in lieu?


Eternal sunshine feels certainly untrue

Like Frankenstein and Scooby Doo

Morbid souls and death is what they preach

Sky has fallen and virtue too!


I realize the SCARS

The PAIN and her vivid avatars

I find them screaming to their deafest cacophony

It seems, they want me out of their colony


And for God’s sake himself

I am his child

And for just his honor

I will make abide

What was always mine…peace


Tragedy precedes bright sun they say

So, I am here to serve and pray

Will it be chaos. I don’t know… what say?

Melancholy life here, happiness away!


Censorship of what sort puts me into this,

Grief-stricken is my conscience

Forgetting all the conscientious longings

I am consciously unconscious