I saw this man lying,

Half on the street, half on the footpath

Broken eggs lay around him

(I am not sure,

Maybe it was something else.

I didn’t wait to see.)


It was a sunny winter afternoon.

Cars were whizzing past,

And pedestrians walked the street.

I did not see him at first

Till he pointed him out to me,

From the car window.

And then I saw

And said, “Oh Shit!”

I was cold inside.


Hell, why did he have to show it to me?

“What happened? Accident?”

“No, epilepsy? Maybe something else?”

“Shouldn’t we stop?”

Maybe even he has kids,

A wife, a family?

May be.

“Why isn’t someone doing anything?”

And we drove on.


I saw this policeman standing at the kiosk.

“Maybe we should tell him?”

But, will it bother him?

“He probably sees so many of them everyday”

And we drove on.



Didn’t I have the time?

I did.

But then, one should be a doctor.

At least that way one can help.

One is not asked a thousand stupid questions

Or found guilty himself.

It becomes a doctors duty.


But not mine?

“I am just an ordinary citizen?”


It could have been someone I knew,

But it wasn’t.

So we just drove on.


We had arrived.

But where and why?