Nature is greatest teacher, it teaches in so many ways that we can imagine. Every being in this has something unique to teach us profoundly. By sitting in nature and observing each and every details of it over a period of time will bring home lots of realization. That will change the way we live our lives. This can only happen when we want it and spend sometime in nature peacefully sitting under the lap of Mother nature. Allow me to express what I learnt from nature basically from animal kingdom. Where each and every animal has something unique to teach us.

So, wonder how Dog silently teaches us to be loyal. The love they shower for the owner and he is everything for him. They are truthful and dependent.

Further Tiger, the ferocious animal. He teaches us to be patient and how to adapt in different surroundings without letting there presence known while hunting a treat for himself. They are sharp and smart.

Elephants are empathetic and intelligent mammal. They respect others feeling and show empathy towards others. They are joyful and teach us to live in balance with nature. Mother Elephants is extremely tender and loving towards her calves.

Cats are known for their joyful nature. So they are always playing with joy. Also that mother cats teach her kitten how survive and how to hunt their prey. So, with so much patience she will take care of them and teach them living in world.

Further what eagle tells is its unique sharp means even if she is flying higher in the sky but she can see and focus on the food that’s lying on ground. The ability to remain focused is the thing we take from eagle.

There is so much to learn from animals. When we explore and connect to nature, the abundance of knowledge comes knocking at your door. If you wanna, do take a plunge, it’s worth exploring.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

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