Hello everyone, I am back. This is my third post. I wrote a small poem about animals. I often wonder how they survive in harsh landscapes. For example, a Fennec fox survives the dry Savannah with the help of its ears. The big ears help it to track mice, cockroaches and insects on dry land. It can hear distinct sounds from far away. There is no chance of human ears ever catching that sound. The elephants make sounds that vary from very high to a low sounds that human ears cannot hear. With the help of their sensitive ears, elephants can catch bugs crawling on leaves. Isn’t it amazing?

Did you know that birds like red, yellow and pink flowers but they avoid blue? Did you know that a mother weasel will even sacrifice her life to protect her babies? I am shell-shocked by the extent of protection animals can give to their babies.

Let me tell you how I make my poems. First, you think about something. Then in your mind, you make two lines. After that, you make four more lines. Then you ban your brain from making any more lines and write the ones that you have thought of till now. Going forward, you make more lines and compare them with others to see which ones are better and more logical. Lastly, let your imagination run wild. Here’s my poem. 

Which animal do you think is most cute?

I like the snakes and the colourful newts.

The snakes will wind up against the trees.

And newts? Well, I haven’t studied these.

Crocodiles like to snap with their jaws.

(Jaws that you can compare with saws.)

The tiger stalks and stalks away

At deer who are its favourite prey.

At the dawn, the cockerel screams,

“Everyone wake up from your dreams.”

At the night the wolves howl.

And in their caves, the bears growl.