A few days back, my mom was sharing with me a thing that is unbelievable as to how animals express their love. It is about a kind deed that my father do everyday. My father is very kind hearted person who is always helpful to everyone. His heart is very big. He is also very close to nature as he plants more and more trees every year, watering and taking care of them. His thoughts about Hindu and Santan Dharma are very protective.  For many years, my father had a good habit to give food to squirrels, birds and other animals.  A remarkable incident that happened a bundle of days back where my father noticed that someone is keeping walnut in his car. He noticed that a squirrel comes daily and keep the walnut in his car and goes. It was overwhelming expression of love towards my Papa and how kindhearted of squirrel who puts walnut in my father’s car. Such a sweet and cute gesture of the squirrel that melted my hearted and I thought and got an idea to write this post.


Takeaway :

Animals are also kind hearted if we behave nicely and love them. I learnt that if we do good karma it come back in a good way. We should also have a kind behavior towards nature and we should grow more and more trees and should take care of them and we should not harm nature.


Jai Sri Hari

Keep Smiling☺️☺️


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