Humans say that cats have 7 lives. How far off the mark they are. See the irony of life, I am narrating my story to you on my deathbed. Before I go, read my story.

Animals have feelings too. 2Me, brother and sister took birth clandestinely in a garage. Mother Cat was totally disinterested with us. The natural urge of being with mother, her milk and meowing was all that we could do. Sneha, the little human, carried all the three of us to her room from the garage. Everyday she would bring us milk and little pieces of bread. When her father discovered us playing joyfully in a basket under the bed, he picked the three of us up and threw us out of the window, despite Sneha’s heavy protestations. We spend the night outside, deprived of food, meowing for the warmth of our basket and missing our dear mother.

We roamed the streets in search of food. Dogs barked and chased at us. We were scared, abandoned and had no destination. We kept to our own, feeding ourselves on whatever we could find from time to time. Other times, people would throw something at us to eat.

On a chilly winter night, I felt the pulse of my brother and sister weaken and disappear when we were huddling together for warmth. They passed away in the silence of the night; in a world of humans, where there are no places for animals.

I grew up to become a big brown cat. When I was taking a stroll, a group of dogs chased me. From their physiognomy, I knew that they would tear me to shreds; a sight I have witnessed too often. Fearing for my life, I ran through the window of a car and cowered under the seats. The window was opened just enough for me to enter and insufficient for the dogs to pass. I remained in the car, but they refused to budge.

After some time, the owner of the car approached accompanied by a little girl and chased the dogs away. I assumed they were father and daughter. During their conversation I overheard that this girl was also named Sheha and today was her birthday.

They still didn’t see me. I was silent as a cat. Haha! When we reached their house, blinding lights flooded every corner. Sneha noticed me when she glanced at the backseats. She tried to gently caress me and I backed away immediately. However she remained sweet and attempted to caress me again. This time I allowed her, but her father tried to shield Sneha from me, most probably because of my unkempt appearance. The girl pleaded with him so that I could stay with them. I behaved my best and the father finally relented to the request of Sneha. After many years of roaming the streets I finally found a home.

Sneha was a very kind girl and she grew up to be a marvellous lady, while I grew up to become old. She remained affectionate and the amount of love that the father-daughter duo showered on me was overwhelming.

Today is the big day, huh? I don’t have energy left in my body. I am lying on the floor and watching TV. Sneha tries to cheer and play with me. They carry me to the vet. I see Sneha break down and cry after talking to the guy in white coat. Please don’t cry Sneha.

She hugs me, afraid of squeezing too tight, takes me back home and gently lowers me on the sofa, as if I am too delicate for the soft support. I am on her lap and she is caressing my head. She is humming my favourite lullaby and rocking me gently. Sneha, you who welcomed me in your world, I will ever be grateful. I feel warm tears dropping on me, but I cannot turn my head. Sneha, I love eyes are heavy and I drift into a dreamless slumber.

My brother and sister are waiting for me. We run towards the comforting and warm light. But I cannot hold myself from looking back all the time. Sneha..

The End

An original story. 
Credits Image: Pixabay

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