Anonymous Existence

Living Without Any Name

We all live with a strong sense of identity. We carry our identities throughout our life. As if they are undeniable facts! But what we don’t understand is that our identities are all spells for us. They are our bondage. Like hard shells these are, within which there is the self, the ego. The stronger the shell, the harder it is to be a ‘natural’ piece of life. Why do we build so many shells? It just goes against human intelligence! 

Can you live in this world without any sense of identity, entitlement? Without any name? Without any self-aggrandizing motive? Perhaps, even this thought is alien to us. 

When you take selfies, post your achievements on social media, talk endlessly about your struggles in life, want priority-treatment from others—what are you doing? Have you ever asked? You are strengthening your identity! You are boosting your ego! You are hardening your self. And that’s a stupid way to live for a human being. 

When no one calls out your name amongst a gathering, nobody recognises you, gives you attention, shows any sign of interest in you, don’t you feel ‘worthless’? Why on earth is your worth dependent on others? You seek validity and valuation from others. Let me tell you, if you are an ‘original’ piece of life, you’ll never feel compelled to seek appreciation from others. And that’s a great state to be in.

If you can’t dare to live anonymously, without any sense of importance, you’ll always live like a slave, you’ll always be dependent on others for your happiness and satisfaction. That’s a foolish way to live. Be anonymous, therefore. If the whole world were to forget you the very next day, be courageous enough to even accept that and say— “I don’t care!” One who lives like this is a brave soul and can stand alone, independently. Isn’t that a great freedom? You must ponder over it sometime. 

Thank you.
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