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November 28, 2035

“A peace treaty has been signed by world leaders. Eurasia will be the property of the powers known as the Warriors. Americana and Zealandia will be the property of the Visionaries. The Warriors are the ones who attacked the Visionaries to start this war.  The Visionaries are the ones that caused the war due to unreasonable trading laws.”

Mei listened to the broadcast, not knowing whether to be happy or sad. Her family had moved to southern Americana after the war was starting to end. The war had been a constant factor in their lives, and now she had to deal with the time ahead. She had not made many friends, but it didn’t bother her much as she was always worried about the war.

Now she would be lonely without any friends. The war had affected her in more ways than one. Maybe her mother was right about socializing.

Another concern Mei had was her job. The war had caused several jobs to be open, but now that the veterans were coming home, jobs would return to them. A law had been made that all veterans would return to their original jobs after returning from the front. This meant that Mei, and several other people who had filled the open posts, would lose their job. She should’ve looked for a job that was more stable.

Well, hindsight was 20-20. How could she have known that this law would be passed? Mei just went to bed, worrying about her future.

The next morning, she turned on the television as she went downstairs to make breakfast. Mei was cutting an apple as the broadcast suddenly cut from a soap opera to a broadcast of their leader, the leader of the Visionaries. 

She looked up in surprise. The leader rarely spoke to the public. Maybe there was an important announcement.

“All Eurasian indigenous people who live in Americana must relocate to Zealandia using the Cumberland path. They must leave with the rest of their kind on Friday.”

Mei shrieked in horror. Their family was considered “Eurasian indigenous”. Not only that, but the Cumberland path was the most dangerous path to Dalez, and also the shortest one. 

Jimmy Cumberland was a mathematician who had spoken of a hypothetical path where several people would travel on kayaks under Africa and right by where the landmass of Antarctica used to be. Then, they would go right under Dalez and then sharply turn up. Mei assumed that they would travel from there to Zealandia. 

Her shriek had woken everyone else in the house up. They all came running down. “What’s wrong?” her mother asked, while her brothers just looked annoyed.

Mei filled them in on the situation, and then they all listened to the interview of the leader. A reporter asked him, “Will they have to travel by kayak?” The answer was just a simple nod. Mei’s brothers ran to the front of the house to prepare the kayak for a long trip. The family owned a kayak but rarely used it anymore.

The leader then listed several reasons why indigenous peoples were causing problems for the government. He said that they were a drain on the economy, and not earning enough money while staying in reservations. Mei was insulted. Their family definitely didn’t take the government’s money to sustain themselves.

Finally, a particularly brave reporter asked, “Don’t you think this is similar to what the Führer did? Don’t you think this is like Hitler’s Holocaust?”

The leader smiled slightly. “Not at all. This is like Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears. The Holocaust was completely uncalled for.”

“So was the Trail of Tears,” Mei’s mother said.

Mei’s brothers reported that the kayak was still sturdy and safe for a trip. “But we will have to repair it along the way,” they said.

Mei sighed unhappily, and then went upstairs. She grabbed a few suitcases and packed several essentials, including clothes, toilet paper, and Ziplocks to serve as “portable toilets”. Her mother packed several food items and they all loaded up the kayak. 

“Wait,” Mei said. “I need to do something.”

She went inside the house and turned on the TV. Then, she flipped through the channels until she found the news channel. The press conference was still going, so she grabbed a knife and smashed it through the digital face of the leader. At least the vile man was dead on her TV.

* * * * *

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