First and foremost is to decide who will do the task. It is you or somebody else, one person or a group of people. Does the person you are considering, has the knowledge, necessary skills, and experience to do that task. Will he be the right person or other options are available.


Any task of this world no matter how small, big or great, starts with a simple WHY i.e. why you want to do it in the first place. This  WHY is not as simple as it looks in fact it is the power hidden behind your intention and If this why is crucial enough to give you a kick then only the rest of the process will follow.  Hence this WHY is the energy element and the motivation for you to do the desired task. For example, if I want to read a self-help book then either I want to know how can I improve myself or I want to understand the perspectives of others to make broaden my horizons… So I have my WHY with me.


After your   WHO  and WHY, WHAT is the third ingredient to complete a task. Sometimes we get no choice but in many stances, we come across many options to perform a  single task just like a pizza menu wherein you get a number of choices. And if nothing suits you, you can add your own version with some extra toppings. Learning from your mistakes is overrated. What you will learn from your mistakes perhaps you won’t do it again. Instead, learn from your success when something succeeds you know what worked and next time even you can do better.


Once your WHO, WHY, and WHAT get fixed, the next thing is WHERE. Obviously, you will do the task where it is most needed and can be done in a conducive environment; the right thing at the right place is bound to bring the results.


They say “now” is the right time to do anything because tomorrow never comes but we know it can’t be true for everything you are going to do. Here comes WHEN… the right time to start … Don’t procrastinate but prioritize as per the significance of a task. When you really want to do something, you make the time regardless of your other obligations. The truth is most people don’t want it bad enough and then they protect their ego with an excuse of time. Remember, the perfect time never comes.


Now when all 5 W’s are in place, the most important part of the process HOW comes in picture. No matter how many resources and expertise you have, if you are unable to execute the method you have chosen skillfully, all efforts will be wasted.  There should be a clear roadmap for how you are going to accomplish the task.  Remember a long journey starts with a tiny step hence break the entire process into small chunks so that it can be done smoothly. It can help you to review the process and incorporate any change in the middle of the process if required.  Make a flexible plan and Set a deadline to do as you cannot do a task forever. The longer something takes, the less likely it is that you are going to finish it.

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