Apne toh Apne hote hai…..I once watched a movie of Bollywood… APNE(Starring Dharmender, Bobby Doel & Sunny Doel)…I don’t know how many of you are aware of the movie or how many of you have actually watched it but this movie, I remember the story as it touched my heart.

The soul of the movie was how our loved ones support us in bad times, how they stick to each other when a tornado of problems passes by, how things become manageable when your loved ones are really your Apne….not just a show-off…they really worry about you ….They just don’t pretend that they care….they do really CARE and it is not for the society, it is for you that they stand beside in every thick and thin.

Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility, and devotion

-Bhagwad Gita

Being “Apne” gives warmth, that feel, that soul to soul attachment that the other person will always stand beside you no matter what are the circumstances.

The ones who are just pretentious of the care would never end up loving anyone truly….and as a person, I feel if the love is not soulful, it’s just a formality that you are doing for the need of living in the society and it doesn’t mean anything.

And the harsh reality of today’s world is that every other person is living that life…The Pretentious One.

Almost no one has the guts to possibly show up the real self….I think the reason behind faking all your life is the fear of losing people and according to me if you lose people in your life just because you can’t be real in front of your so-called loved ones than I think you need to straighten up your thinking process and wake yourself up from the sleep because if you can’t be YOU…in front of those who claim that they love you …then I think you need to change the table rather blow it off and make yourself realize that with the right ones you need not work out on problems ….if your loved ones love you, you really don’t have to push it harder to love each other rather they would love you in a way that you even end up loving yourself more and more.

To be yourself is a real blissful feeling and this is also discussed in Bhagwad Gita that you need to find yourself first, understand yourself, your needs, your wants…..it’s you and you only who will make you or break you……The time may not get right or it may be the best ones….but if your loved ones don’t succor you up if your time is not right then they are not the right ones.

It may seem hard to face off the due realities however one or the other day you will require this faceoff and lead the life in a conquering direction and on the other hand you don’t even have any other direction to flow with…so close your eyes..take a deep breath and start moving….it will be fine…Don’t worry….He(God) has got your back……!!!!!!

Everyone makes different choices. We become different when we choose something right.

-Bhagwad Gita



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