‘’Wah ‘’   Yes, This simple expression is like an electric switch. Just by uttering this word anyone can forget their toil, suffering, hardships, and sweat and smile at you in return. Appreciation begins with the letter ‘A’. ‘A’ itself is symbolic of appreciation. Grades like A+, A-grade, A-class  Business class. We deserve it for sure. It is not a bad idea to get some appreciation. It’s only bad only when don’t get the badges.  We are even willing to settle for s and Cs also. Okay, throw me a ‘D +‘ then?  Not even that, things will fall apart at this point. I have seen this happening everywhere in all kinds of relationships, especially between married couples who take each other for granted.

One of my favorite bloggers on osme said ‘’I am hungry for appreciation not views ‘’. I agree with him on this. That is the reason why we comment after reading. We are happy to take home those cute little badges of appreciation from our readers. After all, we are all little children here longing for that pat on the back from our loved ones.

 “When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself.”



Reena is a beautiful, cultured, and talented girl married to a well-known professional Ramesh. When she bent her neck to tie the mangalsutra little did she knew she was bending her neck forever in front of an appreciation blackhole. She agreed to be a good housewife so that Ramesh can be a free bird and pay full attention t his work. The first mistake?

She tried to please him with the best of meals, the best of looks, and everything she could think of. But he would not utter a single word. He would open his mouth only if something went wrong. Poor Reena took it all, now she is jobless with two little children and nowhere to go. She met many counselors, cried, and prayed. Ramesh happily went about his work making money and everything he wanted in life neglecting Reena and giving her only silence and scorns. Naturally, their marriage failed.  Reena spent years in isolation and dark of her own home.

But she never lost hope, she struggled to improve herself and spent spare time learning new life skills like yoga and meditation, and worked diligently on her hobbies and passions. During this time she found the love of her life too. ( sorry, it is not a man )

She took her offerings and talents to the world outside, outside her kitchen outside the boundaries of her unappreciated life. To her great surprise, she found that she was beautiful and what she did with her life was appreciated by many. Today she is an empowered woman who enjoys the elite company of other empowered women like her and inspiring others on the way. 


·        Trust in the abundance of the Universe.

·        Don’t lock yourself up in your cage for lack of anything.

·        Don’t think you are not good enough if you don’t get appreciated in your life.

·        Maybe you are with the wrong people at the wrong place.

·        Take it to the right person and the right places.

·        Celebrate responsibility and find your world change!

  ‘’Wah ‘’   Yes, This simple expression is like an electric switch. Just by uttering this word anyone can forget their toil, suffering, hardships, and sweat and smile at you in return. Try this next time as a random act of kindness!

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“There are two rules for success:
1. Never tell everything you know.”
— Roger H. Lincoln


 You might wonder why I am quoting success to write about failure. Failure always points towards Success.
Sometimes despite having all the credibilities for success, some of us constantly taste failure. This makes us wonder, question ourselves and God. In such situations, we must take a pause, take a break. We cannot see the truth if we are inside the struggle, step out and evaluate the scenario as a third person. You will get your answer.

Maybe we are choosing the same broken bridge again and again which makes us fall in the middle of the river every time we try to cross it. And every time we blame it on the bridge. Take hundred percent responsibility for your failure on your shoulders. You will taste success sooner. Contemplate, don’t complain.




This is the time the whole Nation is thrilled at the Olympics Gold of Neeraj Chopra. I was reading many news snippets on him. The smiling Champion had his share of struggle too. Here the word ‘struggle ‘ is taken in a positive sense. The word ‘struggle ‘ is not as bad as we think. Flip it to see vast golden opportunities. No struggle no opportunity! We all must be struggling at some point or another. Butterflies are not born overnight. Don’t lose sight of your goal while you are struggling. Win it. Swamiji is one of His Blogs said ‘’If you are digging a well, make sure you drink water from it’’ Simply means ‘’Don’t quit ‘’. Winners love the struggle. They move from one goal to another with ease. I have never heard of any winner saying ‘’ Now I have achieved my goal, I am going on a lifelong vacation on the Island of Hawai ‘’ Struggle is for real.


A quote from our Family Man

‘’Struggle teaches you a lot of things, and I am happy that I witnessed a roller coaster ride. The journey has improved me as a person and made me more mature.’’

Manoj Bajpayee

PS :
The Secret Ingredient Of Success is Struggle.

Jai Sri Hari . 

Book Recommendation

Outliers: The Story Of Success By Malcome Gladwell.

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