About 2 months ago my brother and sister in law were blessed with a daughter. Her name is Keesha meaning Immense Joy. It’s been eye opening how not easy it is to be a new parent, especially the mother.

I have developed so much more appreciation, gratitude and love for my mother and my late father for bringing me into this world. Especially my mother because she was 15 years old when she had my brother and a little over a year later, she had me. She was living in a small village called Chirgaon in Himachal with my father with no relatives or family close by. Her side of the family lived in Uttarakhand and my father’s side of family lived in Nepal and there was no possibility of anyone coming to help her. My sister in law has her family within 30 mins and has been getting immense help from them, in fact her parents spent a few weeks living with them just after Keesha was born. Even then it’s not easy.

I think of the Rabindranath Tagore quote, “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” I salute every parent for raising children, so much goes into it from the time the baby is born until it grows up. I never realized it until I saw my niece come into this world. No matter what, we always have a reason to be grateful & thankful to our parents.

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