You might be thinking, what is this ‘feature’ thing? Why should I write on  On, so many authors post their write ups daily, but only two or three get featured on the home page and now there is a ‘feature’ author also. It has been a long time that my write up got featured on and truth be told now I am desperate for that. When this feature option was announced, I did not understand its value because my first post got featured and some more posts found place easily but after three or four posts, I was not getting featured at all. Although I started noticing this, but still I did not do much about it. But now, I can tell you, I want it badly. Because, now I understand its value. You have to be really good for finding a place among featured articles.  This pushes me more and more to do better with my writing and to be disciplined. I have been calling myself a writer, because I am a writer, but actual identity I got as one from only.

Like, if we have the option of getting appreciated and featured in daily life, life would be much more beautiful. Imagine, if somebody appreciates us for our hard work and consistency, how much difference it will make to our daily life. Why do we all write so much and share the same with the world?  If we only post our write ups, people read and comment then it would be like any other social media app. but successfully makes a major difference by not only appreciating but also paying many of the people who are writing on this platform as well it also pays to the readers who post comment on other peoples write-ups.  It doesn’t only appreciate those who are working hard and writing on but also  those  who are appreciating others by posting comments.

I am deeply grateful to Om Swami ji who has created this kind and beautiful nook on this planet and I am grateful to whole team who are working really hard for everyone.

Again, I am writing on because I want to welcome so many beautiful souls in this kind world where we all are being noticed and appreciated. We all deserve love, empathy and kindness and I don’t know any better place except black lotus and where you get all these in abundance.

Black lotus is an App. where we all can meditate, set own goals and share our kind acts. Who could have created this magical world except our revered Om swami? 

If you are a writer or wish to become a writer then you should try writing on once and then you will see your dreams coming true with open eyes. Keep writing, keep reading 🙂

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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