Love is God and God is love! But what does God do to those who r in love and also love God? This write up is on request of a very cute ,sweet ,fun loving and equally sincere, religious and hard-working co seeker who wants to be Anonymous. Lets call our user who requested me to write Anjaan Saadhak or A.s.
So this morally strongly raised boy is 30 years and a software professional…he is also a very loving son both for his parents aswell Swamiji. He gets up early morning does black lotus meditation on developing focus ,overcoming anger and living in gratitude. After that he each day takes bath with bucket being environment friendly, wears fresh clothes which are mostly pressed solid shirts or stripes on fridays with grays ,blues and blacks in trousers, white nike socks and polished black bata shoes! He always keeps a hanker cheif..
Helpful to cover head while passing through Gurudwara or temple! So our Devoted A s…
Has a satvik meal of poha ,upma ,daliya or sandwich after lighting a Jyot and agarbatti at his altar and reciting Hanuman chalisa in sooper speed…soon there would be traffic on streets and he has to reach office where peon Raam prsaad would be waiting with special ginger tulsi tea! He rushes touching his dad s feet and kissing his mother s forehead for his multy storied building based office in city outskirts. So A.s.has a romantic side too.

He wants a companion, a partner a co traveller in life who ll be a loving daughter inlaw ,a responsible future mother ,an efficient home maker aswell most under standing Beloved. Since mr A.S has been morraly raised proposing a girl before 25 years of age was no no..

The hormonal rush from 14 to 25 was transformed to meditation sessions or reading times! Now at 30 maama ,chacha ,fufaa and mausaas all suggested girls who were either music, sanskrit ,hindi or home science graduates dint click with our cosmopolitan A.S. Next has he tried a marriage fixing sight Jeevan Sathi dot com….he has always asked God to grant him Pooja ,Archana ,Aaradhna ,Prarthna and Sadhna but now he has to choose between Pooja Sharma,Archana pandey ,Aaradhna aggarwaal ,Prarthna Gupta and Sadhna Arora! So after shortlisting family back ground s ,educational qualification…double income requirements as they both need to pay installment for his newly purchased 2 bed room mig flats he starts talking to Bhagti Patel….

Both click..
Bhagti is a poetess and launches her dukh bhari poems books on Amazon! So both A.S and Bhagti talk to each other every night from 10pm to 10.30 for 7 days ,they talk on which are their favourite momo joints,which flavour chaap they like ,do they like tikki soft or karaaree…will they eat together Choclate or rum and raisin ice cream! What not earth do Bhagti and A.S talk about from favourite breed of dogs to dream cars to favorite authors ,favourite travel destinations and favourite actors movies,uncles ,aunts and neighbors! After a week ,, 3.5 hours of talking and many matching hobbies ,connection and ideas Bhagti invites A.S to Cafe cofee day on Sunday at 4pm for first cofee date. But remember our A.S is a religious man…he is on Gupt Navratri fast and cant take risk of eating at joints where non veg is served! Bhagti was very shocked and flabbergasted and scared too! She just cancelled any further keeping in touch plans! When our A.S asked his fault….the Answer was…we might have freinds ,t.v shows or values in common but u r too traditional, ritualistic and not as exciting for me! Now our A.S is single again..
If anyone finds a good match for such a cute sincere and religious boy please tell in comments …we ll make him meet Miss Shraddha Trivedi!…….

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