My most close friends aswell daughter have been Science students and flaunted it time and again on me ,what will i understand having a limited i.q with Commerce back ground! And i have teased then equally when they used to go for practical to Science labs in front of Commerce section…Dekho desh ka bhavishya jaa raha hei! As Swamiji once joked his Physics marks were sane as his Dog Rocky s age , mine were almost similar! But my Science batch friends were the wizards all the time either doing assignments from Aakash or Brilliant tutorials or H c.verma or preparing for their tuitions for cbse or jeee and neet preparations! I felt they forgot smiling after taking Science and the only focus was Scope to become a doctor engineer, professor, researcher scientist or a School teacher or tutor ! Atleast in parties ,relatives as society they r considered the most bright hardworking and focussed lot with lot of tenacity, which is true too but i dont know other than India but here most Science students i meet have had depression and unhappiness due to too much pressure and expectations from teachers, parents and their own selves! Were u a science student?