With All mighty s grace i have been an everyday Gurudwara visitor since some years, i sit there for sometime to connect with Divine energy but till the the time my eyes which are mostly closed to see my isht s form ,they in between open and see how other Devotee are praying., Below are some of my categorisation of devotees! 1) Singers…..they climb each stair with a deep devotional bhajan and in their bhaav keep shaking there neck till they reach garbh greh or the place where statue or guru granth sahib is placed! 2)fast chaleesa ,stuti or sahasranaam chanters…..they keep in their lips moving as a bullet train chant a prayer to God as if he is listening to answers and will punish of you donot answer or give u a special prize on correct answer……………………….

3) Selfie clicking devotees….more than praying this lot is more interested to click their picture with idol or Gurudwara or temple in background to load on facebook instagram or watts app…………..
Vip darshan at Shirdi….watts app status!

4) Uthak baithak devotees……..As soon as they reach near God s idol or guru granth saahib they touch there ears to say sorry and start doing uthak baithak,stretching excercises and naagin dance on temple floor. 5) Attention devotees…..These Uddhav devotees are very quiet and very straight standing as if God is their p.t. instructor. 6) Monkey Devotees…..This class of bhagtas are more interested in what others are doing and at times try to immitate their praying style…………..7) Glutton devotees…..they are only interested in prsaad and langar ,they know on wednesday pulliogare rice would be served or we can take Kara prasaad halwaa only once…they ll ask all family members to take it twice, repeating their turn in line again and again. 8)Mobile addicted devoted……they keep talking on mobile in low tone or still using watts app sending their location( At vaishnodevi With Maa) 9) Critic devotees…….they keep correcting co devotees on how to fold hands or how to offer flowers to deity . 10) Tapped eyes devotees…..They are in so much Maha bhaav they keep crying seeing the idol or place of worship in love of Lord…..

11)Burping devotees……these ones i think have over eaten before visiting the temple and keep making wierd burps sounds…..God must be disgusted with these ones too! 12) Satsangee devotees……they are so full of knowledge of scriptures that they can’t contain themselves and make a circle of co devotees around them and shed their Gyan. 13)Itchy devotees…..as soon as they reach temple ,all kinds of mosquito bites are reminded to their skin and instead of praying, they keep itching their arm pits ,back or thighs or taking out skin from their sole. IF they find nothing, they keep pulling threads from temple daree or mats…………………………. 14) Sevak devotees…they clean from railing of idol s garbh greh ,to do pochha , decorate rangoli ,clean all walls and scrub all pooja utensila……..

15) Sleeping devotees…as soon as they sit in temple they dose of to sleep with a clumsy posture of hand on the side of their cheek ! 16) currency showing devotees…They are interested in telling people what are they putting in temple hundi and tell their kith and kin loudly…sun toone 500 rs charaa diye? These are some of the devotees i have noticed, u can add some more which u noticed too my os.me freinds!

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