Whats up? I mean watts appp..
Yes with Smart phone revolution and sooper smart people constantly trying to keep their brains engaged lazily not speaking a word but over working their thumbs to an extent that it gets Thumb jaundince,last decade has seen the most ever talk in a family in the Generation zee and generation oldie! From Dada ,dadee ,mumy ,papa ,chintoo and pinky this group just lacks Kamla baee and Tommy! So each and every existent house dweller is a forced part of this group! When ever a family group is made usually by the middle generation thats mummy or papa and dada ,dadi and beta ,beti of the house are added usually the group icon is a family potrait of some marriage anniversary or b.day celebration ! The name of most family groups are.

Best family ever ,We are a family, Mummy papa beta betee, Kapoors/ sharmas/ Pandeys / Iyyers /Guptas etc according to your last family name or it is Rocking family, Hum saath saath hein, Kahani ghar ghar kee , People of my life , Mad family, Fantastic Four, Awsome five , Family club , Close House, Hearts of gold ,Life root ,Dad is boss, I love my family, Kung fu pandas etc . A family group contains messages from whats in lunch ,dinner or B.fast to political view ,daily Gurudwara darshsn to watts app carona steam inhaling gyaan , we may ever leave or exit a family group but a Family will never leave us ! For what all activities on family group ..
I write again ! Till then do tell in comments your family s Group description or family name on watts app!