How does one create a plan for a life that is truly authentic?

We may not be born with a blueprint, but we are born with specific preferences. Have you noticed how every child is different? Some are more creative, whilst others prefer intellectual activities, etc. Observing our preferences can help us create an authentic plan for a successful and fulfilling life.

Your innate preferences can range from building objects to imparting knowledge, and it’s often something you enjoyed in childhood. Once you discover what you want to do, whether that involves becoming a doctor, a teacher or a business person, the idea is that any decision you make must bring you closer to your goal. That includes your choice of social circle, books or even geographical location.

For example, I studied a science-related degree and I had no set blueprint as such. It was only after going through this step of studying what I don’t like, that my childhood passion for teaching and imparting knowledge dawned upon me. I understood that my purpose was to impart knowledge.

And that’s the beautiful thing— once our purpose finds us, we take the necessary steps towards its fulfilment. So, similarly, I started teaching in higher education and stepped away from anything to do with vision.

And here is another lesson which I learnt: life isn’t rigid and it allows us to have a flexible path. When it tries to bring us anything, we have the choice to decline it.

I realised that nature will always use us for whatever is innate in us. For me, it wasn’t exactly teaching, but instead, it was about imparting any type of knowledge, whether that’s spirituality, humour, maths, science or a little wisdom, in the form of writing or speaking. What’s yours?

The secret to a peaceful life is to be flexible, be open and let life unfold.

Blueprints or plans are fine, yet our life unfolds more beautifully when we leave room for some flexibility. As we equip ourselves with a specific goal, we gain the clarity to know whether our actions are in accordance with our unique preferences and our goal. And mind you, you can change your goal as you wish, whenever you wish. Try it. Life is too short to be rigid about our future.