A couple of months ago, I came across this one post on YouTube that said,

Every morning

I wake up and promise;

Today I will be different,

Today I will be better.

But by the night it is all 

The same and I wonder 

Who corrupted who

The world or me?

It is worth pondering upon.

Every word felt like sharp daggers to reflect on my habit of procrastinating things and decisions till the very end.

I came across this post in April, when my board examinations were around the corner. Reading this, I felt a wave of guilt rushing through my mind for loosening up myself at the last moment and almost letting my precious 6 months’ preparation go to vain just for the sake of lethargy and comfort. 

After having a moment to reflect on my mistakes I realised that my mistakes were unnecessary and were enough to make me regret and cry when my results would be declared. 

I think I found it when I needed it without actually realising I need some words like this to recharge the motivation I was lacking for a while.

(Fun Fact: orange represents motivation and enthusiasm. It’s probably the reason I chose the orange flower as a featured image)

With smiles, 


Jai Sri Hari.