It’s been a while I wanted to confess that I have failed in giving my six-year old the nurturing and attention that he needed or deserves. I am one of those fathers who have a busy schedule (making excuses here) and personal choices opted out to give the young and energetic mind ready to go places the upbringing he wanted.

In my case I was busy in pursuing my PhD and that is my excuse (a lame one) for not giving his deserved time is worthy of. My wife also a working woman, balanced between her work and kid and gave in her best. But it was always me the Mr Fault finder pointing finger at her to not giving the right upbringing.

I am at fault at every place and still under pressure to how to mend what I have messed up, I am still figuring out to find the right path. I don’t know how to guide him from the young aggressive mind he has become, to a calm, mindful and cheerful young lad I always dreamt of him.

I miss his bubbly smile and laughter, which I lost in finding my success(so called). This was my story which I was afraid of accepting at the first place. A humble request please try to balance your personal and professional life so these young minds don’t suffer. And if you are also on the track I was wait think and decide what will go long way you success or you Family.

Sorry Reyan, for what I missed and what I should have given you, Your time, your own time, Our Time .. Sorry

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