Swamiji once jokingly said if 2 people are fighting most people will come and try to stop the fight unless u r a Punjabi ,then u ll come and first be interested in knowing the reasons of fight! Also in one Swaminaar Swamiji told a joke of an onld lady with dimensia asking a co traveler Again and again…Are u a Punjabi? At fourth time when in frustration the co traveler answers in positive she says but u dont look like one! Also one co devotee from Nepal often jokes with me as a Gujrati saint asked in his soft Punjabi to Swamiji…tussi kithe rehnde ho? So the co devotee asks me…tussi pinni khadee? Then in one vedios Swamiji says on Valentines day a man was hurt on forehead and when asked told….Sajana ne fulll Maarya( with flower pot).SWAMIJI s love is so strong that an other co devotee has only started wearing Patiyala suits and Payiyala Juttis! Like a famous joke when lallu prassaad yaadav goes to President Bill Clinton to learn English after 6 months Raabri( wife of laloo) calls and asks , Lallluaaa hei? At that The voice from other end comes…Lalluaa tto nahaa rahe hei hum Billuaaa bollat hein! So many non Punjabi speakers in love of Swamiji are learning Punjabi,taking proper tutions ,listening to Punjabi songs and hearing Punjabi fairy tales and Santa banta jokes One of them told me she dances Gidda and bhangra in love of Swamiji and her cooking sessions are always accompanied by Nusrat s Soofi Punjabi Quawalees! Patiyala has become most viewed place among loving devotees to be even in wish list for visiting to touch experience the lanes in which our Beloved Swamiji driove his Vikky.A very cute devotee learnt how to say I love you in Punjabi from Amitabh bachan s multi linguist song and learn it as…Tereee tto mei tennu pyaar karni haa!So Swamiji we are yours but Are you a PUNJABI?

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