How often do you shop online? And how many shopping apps does your phone screen have? You just think about it and it’s a one click away???? Is Swiggy,Zomatoe ruling your cooking choice or is buying tomatoes or bread making you browse for more than half an hour groffers,AmazonĀ  bigbasket ,flip cart and jio mart? Do you budget your buying daily ,monthly or weekly controlling the shopping mania?Does half an hour delivery of leading online grocery selling apps make u order more than required sugar,rice ,oil,onion or sooojeee? Do you talk about some food item and the next u see the phone screen the tasty mysore pak add is there? Do west side ,Myntra and the once clicked and liked dresses of W s again and again come popping in front of you luring you to buy more,order more and use more? Instead of watching net flix or Amazon prime or Ekta Kapoor SaaS bahoo serials, do u utilize time more on window shopping on mobile apps? Your cart is empty or very light and Khoob sajo add of Nyka cloud your mind too? This is consumerism and such a raktbeeejĀ  ! A shopping therapy or an addiction of uselessly purchasing something and making us more materialistic?