There’s nowhere like home, right? And isn’t it amazing how almost all of us know what it’s like to be home? We could even watch a toddler and they would happily babble their way home on auto-mode. Strangely enough, home seems to be more of a feeling than a place. But right now, I am not talking about the place or the feeling of being at the home we physically live in. Many of us are physical homebodies.

A homebody is a person whose home is the cosiest place on earth, who loves working and doing things from home and who is warm and welcoming to their friends that understand and respect their boundaries without judging. 

This is very clear, but what about our inner home? If we take a moment and pause to contemplate on the idea of what our inner home is like, many of us may be surprised. We’d be especially surprised at the fact that, despite living in our minds and body since birth, we failed to recognise our home. The feeling of being home is unknown to us, yet we experience it many times a day.

Are you confused? Don’t be. Our inner home is that feeling of peace we feel once in a while, not necessarily after meditating or praying. It doesn’t have to be spiritual at all. In fact, the feeling of our inner home is simply equivalent to the peaceful feeling after a good meal or a good movie. That peaceful state of a calm mind when everything feels just right and the worries take a back seat even for a short minute. We may even be lucky to experience absolute thoughtlessness for 1 whole second. And I think you’d agree with me that this calm feeling is within reach in everyone’s life. 

Our home is our inner sanctum where our mind is connected to our heart.

No matter how short this period is, that feeling is in our control. Although it may seem like a myth, believe me, it’s only a breath away. 

You see, when we are constantly travelling into the cities of the mind, it is tiring and we long to go back home. We crave that feeling of being at home, where we can just be in our PJ’s. And what are these cities? Any scenario, any thought, any future plans or past worries, whereby we get carried away, are cities of the mind. And you may wonder; how do we know whether we are at home or in a city? It’s simple, when you are at home, it is peaceful, you can be yourself and you are in control. 

In other words, we are the master of our homes. It is up to us to decide whether we wish to venture outside, for however long, or if we choose to stay in. And a peaceful homie is one who chooses to return home throughout the day, in this state of peace and bliss, at any moment. Fortunately, the way back home needn’t be complex. And it isn’t.

Go on, take a minute, clear the contents of your mind. Identify it and realise that that’s your home right now. That’s quite doable, right? Now, if we are in a city of the mind, we simply need to return back home. But what’s the way back home?

In the next post, we’ll make our way back home from the city.

Drop me a comment below if you caught yourself at home;) And when you’re home, you’ll find yourself humming this song to yourself.


“I am not running anymore,

Because I know I am home”


For today, enjoy the city! It’s full of roses, teddy bears, chocolates, good music and hugs! But don’t forget, Home awaits!
Happy Valentine’s day everyone:)

Photo Credit: Pexels