Our words are impactful. A word of courage can uplift someone, and a discouraging word can break someone apart. The way we use our words cannot not only change the life of another person but even our own life.
Words have a way to reach out to people around us , a kind word can lift up a person’s morale while a harsh word may sadden them.
Most people don’t make the appropriate use of their words. When people are together, the conversation often involves gossip, criticism and mockery of others. This only leads to the spreading of negativity. If you have the ability of speech, share words that create positivity, give courage and add to someone’s strength.
Always be thoughtful of what you say and share. If you want to spread a word, let it be the word of God. It will uplift and comfort someone’s soul.
Remember , once a harsh word is out of your mouth it is very difficult to retrace it back and many a times it breaks a relationship of years.

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