Is it love…?

Have you ever felt love for any being…?

Yes I know many have infact everyone has felt that they love them…you love your God,mom,dad,sisters,brothers,friends,life partner…right?

    Keeping love aside, everyone does earn a living in one or the other way..
You do a business or you work for someone where you all get paid for your work…right?
Now isn’t that you earn when you give it your time..your thoughts, knowledge… Your efforts..your strength..your something in total. If you aren’t told know that you are doing right and great…regardless of all the blah blah blacksheeps around still are doing great that’s why no matter what at the you are being paid!
So here you are giving something in return for something…right?

Now ask yourself .. aren’t you doing everything in life in such a mindset that you get something in return?
You may not say it express it but deep inside you must be seeking something in return..right?

     When it comes to love..are you expecting something in return?
Oh yes you expect love in return right?
Have you ever thought that all her life your mom has been loving you might she not have expected something in return from youjQuery112407714762893623552_1624266370413
Try asking her once she says ‘Nothing’
If she says something that she expected about that would be a gift for yourself.
What do you name this feeling of hers..?
I say that’s love!
“Love you mom”

Have you thought ever that how many types of love are there.. Can anyone classify them?..
If you ask me I can’t..or may be don’t ..or may be I’m being asked something that doesn’t exist at all!

You see people…together?…till the end?.
Ask such people..old n gold..they will tell you that everywhere is just have to feel it..its independent of any definition or situation and exists everywhere..that’s why they quote ‘love is in the air’. And you know air is everywhere.
They say,” There is nothing such as true love because love itself is true!”
They say,” There is nothing such as pure love because love itself is pure!”
They say,” love is something that you give not show love is something that’s is everywhere and doesn’t just flow.

They asked have ever heard about god?yes the same to whom you ask for ask for anything you need..!and you get them(but you need to recognize your gift)
Have we ever thought does he need something? Rather we always only ask right?
When do we start learning that love is giving..seeking nothing in return..
You will know when you love someone.
If your love is more or less at times it isn’t love..
If you love someone looking at something in them be it their kindness ,beauty,humor or anything else…then I’m sad for you that isn’t love..
When you are asked ,”what do you look for in the person you love?”
If you know you will say ,” I love the person…and for the person he or she is.” Right?

And love is also one thing that doesn’t change with time…doesn’t increase nor decrease with time..because love has no measure…and none has ever failed in love for who knew it was just give you are happy…nobody has failed because such is the love that always comes back to you!!!

For people who experience pain in love..I’m sorry but that isn’t love…again why do you expect them to do something you want to…din’t you love them in the first place for who they are..doesn’t that mean you’ll love them even if they do what they want to..doesn’t that mean wherever they are..doesn’t that mean independence..for you must know every being loves freedom the most! if know that there is love!

You never get hurt in love if you know that it’s only giving and never seeking!

You must know there can be no you without love and there can be no world without you!