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Pieter Both was awakened by lovely music, sweet flowery fragrance and twinkling bells like voices. When he opened his eyes, the sight that greeted him was to behold. Fairies whose beauty was unearthly, some were swimming, dancing, singing and even levitating in the air. It felt more natural for them to glide through the air than walking. He didn’t try to run or hide. One of the fairies saw him. Soon he found himself surrounded by concerned fairies. 

Head of the fairies: Who are you?

PB: I am Pieter Both.

Head of the fairies: This area is so dense and almost insurmountable for mortals from the villages. Why did you come here?

PB: I lost my way and..

Fairy of Truth: He is telling the truth, and we should let him go.

Fairy of Punishment: We cannot let him go like this. This should serve as a lesson to the people. We Fairies are sacred creatures. Nobody should be allowed to look at us unabashedly. 

Fairy of Compassion: Pieter is innocent. However, let him go with a warning to never return back here and never to mention this incident again.

Fairy of Promise: Pieter Both, do you promise never to mention our existence and this place to any other person? 

Will Pieter accept the conditions or something else is going on in his mind?

to be continued..

❤️Hari Om❤️

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