As we grow up and build relationships in the outside world, we realize that compatibility is essential to developing and growing those relationships. Whether you make friends, become in a relationship, or experience parenthood, compatibility is prominent to make the relation last longer.

According to Vedic astrology, zodiac signs always help people to find how well they go together. So using our zodiac sign and the other person, we can get an idea about how strong the partnership would be. Today we are going to bring Aries and Capricorn compatibility based on their Sun sign. So if you have your Sun in Aries or Capricorn, read along and know how well you two can go together.

General Reading

Generally, the Aries and Capricorn compatibility is going to be a difficult one. Aries is the Fire sign which is fast, risk-taker, and likes to lead. Capricorn is driven by the Earth element, which is goal-oriented, practical, and responsible. These two may have a very different approach toward life and having fun. However, if other factors in the horoscope are supportive, a bond can be created between these zodiac signs.

Aries Parent/Capricorn Child

This Aries is a sign which tends to do hands-off in situations and is not as serious as Capricorn. Thus this parent/child relationship will be difficult since the Capricorn child may not find the parenting up to the needed level. On the other hand, the Capricorn child will be serious and demanding when it comes to parenting.

Aries might often find this bond challenging; in this relationship, the Capricorn child might be more mature than Aries parent. Hence, the child will be the adult in the relationship.

Capricorn Parent/Aries Child

This again will be a challenging relationship where the Aries child may feel suffocated most of the time. This is because Capricorn parent would want everything to maintain to a standard level, and Aries child will face difficulty keeping up this expectation. Also, Capricorns have a more serious approach toward life which Aries don’t. The Aries child will like to do new things and in his own way, which Capricorn parent might not allow every time.

So this relationship will be a turmoil for the child until the child is out of town or independent when he or she can take their own decision.

Aries Friend/Capricorn Friend

These signs naturally challenge each other, and hence they might need only limited time together. They might not be each other’s fans and may challenge each other’s ways of living life. Both have a different mindset, and hence they will work best if they stand against each other such as in a competition or in a game. When they are on the same team, they might not entertain having advice from one another.

Aries Lover/Capricorn Lover

Romance, love, and sex will also have a hint of competition between these two signs. The Aries and Capricorn compatibility will be intense and complicated, leading to a lot of headaches since both would be butting their heads, being Ram and Goat. Both would be competitive even when it comes to having sex and keeping up with one another. Only with understanding, the relationship can work out for the long term.

Aries Employer/Capricorn Employee

Capricorns always have a hunger to achieve big things in life. They are the most motivated and determined people. When Aries is the employer and Capricorn is the employee, the relationship will only work for the short term. This is because Capricorn wants to step the big stairs of life, and Aries generally is not as a determined sign as Capricorn.

Any clash or bitterness can break this deal, and both might go their own ways.

Capricorn Employer/Aries Employee

This combination is again problematic because Capricorn is traditional. They like to give orders and receive proper orders. A Cap boss won’t tolerate seeing his employees roaming around and paying enough attention to work. Aries is the opposite of Capricorn; Aries doesn’t like to be in control or obey orders. Naturally, they will challenge each other at the workplace and might only work for a short time.

Aries Co-worker/Capricorn Co-worker

This combination would surely work better than the employer/employee dynamic. These can work fabulously when some kind of competition is there. If they work in the same place and if they have to grab a reward for their performance, both would put their best effort to beat another. Also, if they are paired together against others, they can yield the ultimate results. Read more :