Deciphering the second milestone in spiritual journey towards surrender is the most beautiful aspect of creation of Bhagwan. Without it nothing exists and with it surrender becomes beautiful. It is love in its truest form. For love blossoms in every heart and it leads primarily in keeping the faith alive and walking step by step and taking baby steps one at a time. Flame of love lights the deepest corner of heart.

For your love
I live
I wake up to the world
In awe in faith
Mere sawera bhi tujhe
Meri raat bhi tujh se
Kahan jaun
Kya karun
Sab kuch feels ash
If giving pain gives you happiness
So I take up with love
If you wish to play
So do play with your heart’s content
Just shower me the strength
To bear all with grace and beauty
To love is my purpose destined
The blessed, I took it with all my heart

It balms the aching core, soothes the soul with its warmth and ignites the flame of love. It is love that helps in developing a bond with the God or Guru. When life pushes to the extreme and challenges faith, the love comes in for rescue and fills heart with hope and fills one with faith and helps in keep moving. When one is purely immersed in love, situation or test mean nothing.. everything becomes worth walking even when life stood otherwise. It is simply because love sees no reason to validate any action. It just calmly walks for the love sake. No matter how difficult or worst the situation is love will find it’s way and find strength in walking towards beloved God.

A beautiful journey of Maa Parvati for love of Bhagwan Shiva is epitome of love, where Maa treaded the path for the sake of love with love. She walked, she stumbled, stood up, failed many times, but what carried her along her journey is love. Melted by immense tapa of Maa, Bhagwan Shiva agreed to accept her as his wife. It is purely divine love filled with devotion, service, care, and dedication to seek her beloved. That runs through her mind, body and soul which kept her moving, even when everything seems otherwise. There came a time when everything falls apart and seems no hope, it is only love that infused strength and courage to keep moving. Keeping love alive is not easy as one starts to tread on it, since it is filled with downfalls on every step. But remember, standing up again, loving no matter is what makes a whole lot of difference. If it’s true nothing can stand in between even the universe comes to the help of the beautiful soul.

Journey of love itself is extremely painful

Inferno of separation knows no boundaries

Thought of being with beloved

Keep the heart thumping

Gasping for breath

World comes to standstill

Nothing moves nothing shakes

As the desire to be with beloved

Deep in the soul

Longing, fulfillment of which

Only souls happiness

All cherished all cared

All felt for the happiness of love

For the loves sake.

Love is in service’ when you serve without any expectations and in completely embossed in love and serving Lord with all your heart. Whatever way you are serving the result would be magnanimous. It is beyond comparison and Good is deeply touched and won by love and it is said that bhav pradhan hota hai. So, purity of love that matters the most.

In love, God ate humble rice offered by Sudama,

In love, God danced to please gopis,

In love, God does all to protect, please, fulfill and yet anything for his devotee.

Simplicity of love finds place in God’s heart which no other virtue could find. Humility of soul pleases God while helplessness and completely immersing in his love, loosing oneself in his service and giving oneself fully, is something that is what needed to transcend from love to devotional love. Here, is the humble story Narsi Mehta, whose love and devotion was so pure and strong, that God himself came to help his devotee to save the respect of his devotee. This power to bring God can be found only in true love, where every action is dedicate to God and all as his doings. All is his grace becomes the state of his being. And the bliss he finds in saying all his grace is beyond expression. That there is no other emotion capable of building such strong bond between beloved God and you..and deeper the bond, deeper the love and finally it leads to unconditional love.

Quoting Swami ji’s wisdom on love…

Attachment says you’re mine
Love says I am yours.

Is Worth pondering because only in true love a person feels like that.

So, wondering how in the beginning love gives one pain like a moisturizer whose fragrance is pathetic initially but magically its turns to just exotic.🥰 Same way as one walk the journey of love, it will bring with it lots and lots and lots of down… as you keep walking through, you never know, how and when things start changing magically towards bliss. Walk in awe, in faith, in love… won’t be disappointed.. will surely find the lap of Bhagwan. That’s how love is so important in Surrendering to God and Guru. It’s the journey only worth walking alone. Make the most of life to Love God with all your being. He is alone worth knowing worth remembering…so I do. I love you.


~Neelam Om

P.S. Dear family, my purpose here in the post is to explain how to walk with it and how one stumbles and rise and walk again. Clearing all hurdles how it leads one to complete surrender.