“When Bhagwan and bhakt becomes one, so is when devotion is fully established in heart of devotee”

Bhakti ek aapar saundra hai, and its uniqueness is wide as ocean. It’s uniqueness lies in it’s being free in nature. No rules no regulations. Just immerse deep into it, go as far and wide as possible. When immersed in devotion sometimes a state comes where for bhakta nothing matters, God is centre of his life. He is being judged and given names. For some he might appear to be fool, mad or whatever name you give. What’s happening in heart is known only to the devotee which none other can understand. And believe me it’s a beautiful state to reach because to reach this state, a devotee has sacrificed a lot means really lot in life.

One of the biggest obstacle in path of devotion is how to build single pointed devotion. And to build this devotion, it is utmost important to remove all the other forms, so that to come closer to your only Bhagwan. Some find it easily while other find it with difficulty, since to reach Bhagwan is not a smooth road. All layers of conditioning should be removed first. Once a devotee knows and finds himself. All other things start falling in place.

As it is said everything has its challenges on the path of devotion. One such is that when a devotee has reached a certain level, there comes a time when faith is being tested, crushed hard and tossed over. And the emotion of the devotee goes on a rollercoaster ride. Express more…. but once a devotee comes out of this with winning over the hard time. Then life flows like a gentle breeze and engrossed in love of God. Always finds place in Lord’s heart.

To walk in Lord’s love
Simply be in love

True devotion can only happen with the divine grace, this is the simple truth. All else is just commentary. Jispe Prabhu ki kripa wahi paye Bhakti apar.

This leads me to the last foundation to perfect the art of Surrender is Grace. For grace of Bhagwan and Guru makes the path worth walking and surrender unto Lord. To completely surrender at Lotus feet of Guru, the grace is only that makes it possible to unearth our real self and to know oneself. With grace, we silently shed our Vikaras and Viritties. It purifies our inner being, fills us with devotion in our heart and Love in Consciousness. Grace is the only way, where all else fail. So walk in grace, holding hand in faith.


~Neelam Om

P.S. Finally, with this blog here I complete my Art of Surrender series. I hope you all liked reading my blog. Apologies for writing after a long time, got busy with something beautiful.