Committing to the will of divine as highest will with deep faith in heart blooms the soul with brimming light. Surrender, a sense of acceptance to put yourself at the Will of the divine. It is not merely a physical bending but bending of mind in reverence at the lotus feet of the Bhagwan. Please, allow me to bring about the milestones to absolute surrender which I found in my journey and it may also differ as all journeys are unique and different but the destination is same.

First and foremost is Faith on which the wheels of spiritual journey moves. It is most essential in having complete surrender. Faith is very small word but owes very big big meaning and powerful outcome. As it goes nothing happens without faith, anything can happen when filled with faith. It builds the foundation for embarking on spiritual journey.

When full of faith all seems achievable but on the other side if filled with love, devotion and what all you may say, nothing turns around. And the problem is that there is lack of faith. And when same love and devotion is backed with complete faith in your deity or Guru. Miracles starts to pour in and things start rolling out and there’s the dawn of new beginning. Feeling of contentment comes in and heart feel balanced, there is no doubt and no question. Only what remains is divine will which is accepted with happy and deeply immersed heart in love.

“For love to flourish and devotion to develop and surrender to instil within, faith is the one that provide the ground support and is foundational in spiritual awakening and true surrender.”

What is faith? Is actually a trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith is just so deep rooted in ourselves that our decisions revolve around it. It is basis of our choices in life. That is what makes the life actually. So how faith is foundational in surrender. It is simply a made up of choices and trust in someone we repose. And when it is in God and Guru it  runs altogether on a different principle because in that case we just know he is there no matter what. It is the will of divine to decide what, when, where, how, why and so on. Nothing remains. Only remains is to be patient and believe that all will happen as life moves. Let God alone unfolds it with his beautiful hands. Just live with absolute faith. And that is what surrender demands. Leave all in hands of God and be blind. Often, we found our self questioning but to let these questions subside and let inner being to settle in faith, it frees you, it allows you to experience immense peace and calms your aching core. All ifs and buts are soothed where thinking and contemplating rests for eternity. ‘Just be’ becomes your state of mind. Faith is innate in our being and its base lies in heart. Quoting a wisdom from our beloved Swami ji story on faith: –

“To work on everything that you can and to let go of everything beyond your control is faith in a nutshell. Such faith, made up of action and surrender, is the most potent antidote to all fears.”

“Faith is the heart’s wisdom. It’s what your mind can’t grasp but your heart knows. Give it a place in your life and you’ll fly with a thousand wings. Higher and swifter. Across the seas, beyond the skies.”

And yes, as it is easy to say but to live and walk altogether a most difficult and at the same time the most beautiful thing in life. At last, true surrender happens only with the grace of Guru.😇💕🌷🙏


~Neelam Om

P.S. Dear family, I covered only one milestone today, will be covering the rest in upcoming post. Hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you!!! 🙏🌷

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