I remember my English teacher’s favorite saying was – man is a fool, when it’s hot he wants it cool and when it’s cool he wants it hot. I guess this saying fits me to a great extent. Coming from a single unit family and getting married into a family where all the relatives lived within a 2 kms radius, life was great – my husband had cousins of all age groups and I always had company. I loved it – till well intentioned relatives started interfering in our life and suddenly I wanted to be away from all the jingbang. Well, God heard me on that one and we shifted to South India. So much south that I felt I had fallen of the map of India. Technically I should have been happy – it was just me – my husband and my son. 
But I discovered man is a social animal and I wanted friends who could at least understand me. I couldn’t pick up the native language and the natives were in no hurry to learn our language. I wanted to go back home 😭😭. 30 long years I have always made my husband feel guilty- that I never enjoyed life because we were stuck in south because of his business. Could never attend most of the marriages or other functions because it just wasn’t viable to travel 50 hours plus to attend a 2 day function. Covid finally bought a change of heart in my husband and now he has decided that it’s better we shift back home and be near family- Initially I was jumping with joy – but now I am worried will I be able to adjust to the gingbang again. I have got used to living independently. Will I be able to co- exist peacefully with other members of the family ??  I keep imagining the problems I MIGHT face when I go back – over active mind and imagination 😬😬. 
I talked to my friend staying back home – her response was – don’t overthink- just come . Face the problems if and when they come. One thing is for sure my husband is not going to take it very kindly if I tell him I am better off here 😅😅. At present living  day to day and waiting for some heavenly guidance. Please God guide soon.